Community Management Portal

Full control of your community content & data

Community Management Portal (CMP) for Care Provider  

The community management portal helps care providers to manage their community – manage members, activities, messages over digitalized messages board, services booking and more. 

As a web application, the CMP is accessible from anywhere via standard browser. 

The CMP supports management of hierarchical community (community consists of a group of communities). 

Examples of the community management portal capabilities are as follows:

  1. Dashboards – providing community managers with overview of the community care and services delivery. 

  2. Management of community members – member details including their caregivers’ details, profile, case file and more. 

  3. Video call center capabilities – incoming calls management (queues), dispatching incoming call to applicable rep, outgoing call support and more. 

  4. Management of on-demand services requests and booking

  5. Management of community virtual activities / sessions and shared calendar.

  6. Tools for interactive communication with subscribers – sending messages to part or all of the subscribers (e.g. all subscribers interested in Opera).

Moreover, the CMP includes full technical monitoring capabilities to ensure maximum business continuity, to be used by the technical business representative.

The Community Management Portal supports different types of users:

Community manager – the CMP helps the community manager to manage the community activities, member's social and culture preferences, assigning members to groups according to their interests, community shared schedule, service bookings management, and more. 

Instructor – the CMP is used by the instructor to deliver a virtual activity / session to the applicable community members (e.g. physical exercise, lecture, group session). 

Home visitor – the CMP helps home visitor in facilitating virtual home visits by providing video chat capability, logging in the visit’s times and duration, fill in the visit’s report and tracking the care recipient history and status. 

Video call representative – the CMP allows video call representative to accept incoming calls (including review of unhandled incoming calls) and make outgoing virtual calls to community members. 

Technical support representative – the CMP provides a tech support with the ability to review the overall technical status of the system, specific components technical status and with tools for remote support. 

The CMP includes an advanced authorization and authentication mechanism allowing each user to see only relevant and authorized information.