End to end solution turning any members’ TV into an interactive personal companion.

The Uniper care suite of solutions to keep your community active and engaged:

senior in home platform In home platform  
senior center management portal Community wellness portal  
senior caregiver application Caregiver application
  • Deliver emotional, physical and mental well-being programs
  • Enable live social engagements
  • online and offline content
  • Support groups and virtual visits
  • Dedicated TV channel providing educational info (healthcare, wellness, etc)
  • Video calls with social workers, doctors, and therapists

For community members

In-home platform

Accessible technology: a simple TV box turning any television into an interactive personal companion

(Also available over web access)

aging in place new technology

With Uniper the community members will be able to:

  • Join live group sessions and activities through the daily schedule
  • Watch rich on-demand wellness content (i.e. physical exercises education, cognitive and mental exercises, spiritual programs).
  • Make video calls by simply tapping a photo (1:1 video calls) over WhatsApp.
  • View family photos and videos
  • Watch the latest news and get notifications via the community message board.
  • Play social games with family and friends.
  • Book a service with the touch of a remote.
senior group video chats

uniper products for older adultsSimple remote

Customized easy-to-use remote control with a built-in microphone and a small web camera for social engagement and activity.

TV Compatibility

TV box that connects with any TV (with HDMI input), turning the TV into an interactive personal companion.

Designed for older adults

The Uniper TV application has a simplified user interface which is tailored for older adults making it both easy to use and adopt.

Any language

The Uniper TV interface and platform are multilingual, providing support in additional languages can be added upon request.

For care providers

Community Wellness Portal (CMP)

Web access portal for care providers and staff

  • Overview your care and services delivery via hierarchical dashboards.
  • Manage your community members details (including personal profile, caregivers’ details, case file and more).
  • Enable a video call center to communicate with your members (incoming calls management (queues), dispatching incoming call to applicable rep, outgoing call support and more).
  • Manage on-demand services requests and booking.
long distance senior care
senior care community management system 
  • Manage the community on demand content library.
  • Manage the community virtual activities / sessions and shared calendar.
  • Digitalize and monitor your home visits (physical home visits, virtual visits, manage reporting).
  • Interact and communicate with your community by sending messages to part or all subscribers. (i.e. all subscribers interested in opera).
  • Be notified of technical gaps to ensure maximum business continuity.

For care givers

Caregiver App

Mobile App for professional and non-professional care givers

  • Enables care givers and family members to aid and assist the older adult from afar.
  • Set up (either caregiver or older adult) with contacts management, reminders, and remote support.
  • The application is suitable for both IOS and Android.
  • Communicate with the older adult via the WhatsApp application. Share photos, video, calls and text.
  • For professional caregivers: manage your home visit and complete a home visit report.

Technology Highlights

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