Our solution works.

In the past two years we helped various senior care and healthcare providers in building thriving, happier and healthy communities, and enabling enhanced care delivery.

We have made active aging a reality. We are excited about the results.

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Israel's welfare ministry
& social affairs

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Israel's 2nd largest

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Israel's municipal senior
community association

Galilee senior foundation

Ashdod's senior and society association

Netivot senior care community

Our solution in action:

  • Uniper solution serves as virtual senior community center serving  older adults across Israel to virtually meet, socialize and join live activities.  Hundreds of live activities are taking place every week based on Uniper’s platform.

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  • Uniper solution serves as the home care platform helping one of the largest home care agencies in Israel to digitalize their services and care delivery and creating a sense of community among their customer base.  

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  • Uniper has partnered with several municipalities in making the age friendly municipality concept into reality.

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  • Uniper has helped  Israeli welfare ministry in digitalizing home visits, enabling both virtual and physical visits, along with management of visits scheduling and reporting. 

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We keep older adults engaged in their own homes and communities.

Independent 3rd party evaluations conducted to examine Uniper based programs are being done. Ongoing results are very promising:


of seniors reported
they feel less lonely


of seniors reported an
increase in their quality of life

Each community members attends on average a group activity a day.

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