Virtual Senior Community Center

How Uniper improves emotional health among older adults in Israeli community centers


The Israeli Ministry of Welfare is the organization tasked with providing community services to older adults, and in order to achieve they established gatherings in community centers throughout the country. In these community centers, older adults are given the opportunity to meet, learn, exercise and socialize. 

The Challenge

It is typical for seniors to visit the community center between one to three times a week, but often members will be forced to miss activities due to sickness, bad weather, or inability to arrive at the center. The lack of participation in center's activities can cause a negative influence on their mood as well as increase feelings of loneliness and depression. Moreover, some of the members are interested in attending specific sessions and not the overall day. 

The Solution

Uniper has partnered with the Israeli Ministry of Welfare to extend the services provided by existing senior community centers, thus assisting to reduce loneliness among older adults and promote healthier lifestyle opportunities for older adults.

Uniper’s TV kit was easily installed at each of the members homes, which allowed seniors to take part in live video group chats right from their own existing television sets. Additionally, in each community center, Uniper’s broadcasting kit (hardware equipped with Uniper software) was installed. This allowed for the opportunity to broadcast existing community activities to participants at home.

As a result, the senior participants viewing from home could see, hear, and talk with one another during classes in a discussion format. Thanks to the unique services provided by Uniper, seniors are able to actively participate through live discussions, classes, trivia, music, tours, health advice (like to self-manage chronic disease) and physical exercise. 

Uniper provides senior center leaders with a community management portal, so that they may monitor their community activities and more accurately measure participation. Community leadership and staff can also manage and interact with their community members via digitized message boards, uploaded content, and many more options

The program led to additional benefits: 

 • Now, Senior community centers are able to provide more content, interaction, and engagement to community members.  Presenters can also deliver live sessions from their own home, making the possibility for dynamic and diverse content nearly endless.
• This development led to nearly one hundred virtual sessions taking place within the community wellness program each week!
• Before the program began, participants enjoyed two to three sessions a day and were restricted to morning hours within their own community. Now, each member is connected to sessions taking place at all hours of the day, even on weekends. Some of the sessions involve participants from all across the country.
• The senior center started to use Uniper’s on-demand wellness content within the activity rooms to deliver beneficial educational sessions and lessons to members coming to the senior center.
• Senior center volunteers used the program to virtually visit senior centers members.
• The program synergized senior community centers located in different parts of the country.
• The program attracted new members to the senior community centers – older adults that did not attend the center previously.


About Uniper: 

Uniper is a dynamic community wellness platform. By using the familiarity of the TV, Uniper allows older adults to socialize, and stay active in a simple and intuitive way. 

Uniper empowers organizations like senior care providers, senior community centers, and healthcare organizations by providing a solution to improving the overall physical and emotional wellness of older adults. Through Uniper's unique technology, various organizations can provide important engagement with older adults through recorded and live community programs, educational courses, accessibility to caregivers via phone calls and reports, games, cognitive programs, video chats, and so much more. The platform includes built –in wellness training courses based on CBT approach aiming to improve users’ wellbeing.