In Home Platform

Turns any TV into an interactive two–ways personal companion

Customized TV box that turns any TV into an interactive two–ways personal companion. 

Our user interface is tailored for the older adults. 

What’s Included

The TV kit includes a costumed easy-to-use remote control with a built-in microphone and a small web-camera for social engagements and interactivity.

A TV box that connects to any TV (with HDMI input) and turns it into an interactive personal companion. The UniTV also comes with a simplified remote control and a camera placed over the TV in order to have interactive sessions and video calls. 

The Uniper TV application has a simplified user interface which is easy to use, tailored for older adults and is easily adopted.

The UniTV interface infrastructure is multilingual. Support in additional language can be added upon request. 

We use Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

Profiling - personalizing a profile and wellness status according to usage.

Proactive -  recommendations aimed at wellness improvements.

Predictive – Analytics Focusing on usability and sentiment.