Meet Uniper

What is Uniper?

Uniper is an end to end solution helping senior care and healthcare providers to build healthy and thriving community and deliver their care via accessible technology.

Uniper allows you to promote healthy living among your community (e.g. making recorded and live wellness content available to your community members), to simplify the communication with your community (e.g. making your staff available via video calls, publishing digitalized message board), to manage and monitor your home visits, to manage service bookings and more.

Uniper will make your services available to your community members via their home TV using simplified and easy to use application. Thus, any of your community members, including the ones with no experience with technology, can enjoy your services and care delivery.

Why should I consider buying Uniper?

Uniper can help you, as a senior care and healthcare provider, to differentiate yourself, promote a sense of community among your customer base, promote healthy living, digitalize your services and care delivery, attract new customers, and generate new revenue streams by offering new services.

What content does Uniper include?

Uniper comes with built in content focused on wellness and healthy living (e.g. yoga sessions, memory care training, emotional training). Moreover, Uniper also allows you, as a the senior care provider, to upload and share content among your community members.

Uniper In Home TV Platform

In which languages is the Uniper available?

Currently, Uniper is available in English, Russian and Hebrew. Uniper was designed to be easily available in many languages. We are in the process of adding support in more languages.

Does Uniper require internet connectivity?

Yes. Uniper box can be either connected via wireless or wired internet connection. Moreover, in case there is no internet connectivity at home, we can provide internet connectivity via cellular router, at additional cost.

How does Uniper work with end user’s TV?

Uniper box includes an HDMI pass through, meaning Uniper’s applications are presented as overlay on top of your standard TV shows.

Alternatively, you can connect Uniper box on a separate source of your TV.

How does the installation being done?

Uniper supports self-installation consists of plugging in the HDMI cable, setting up internet connectivity and placing the camera over the TV. Uniper kit includes an installation manual allowing you do it yourself.

Alternatively, we can provide you with technician installation services.

How does the video call works?

Uniper offers end users to make video calls by just tapping on a picture in order to make a call. The video calls are done over whatsapp video calls. Anybody with mobile phone having whatsapp application can receive a call from Uniper TV.

How does the photos gallery works?

Uniper photos and text sharing is done over whatsapp application. Once you add Uniper TV whatsapp number to your family chat group, any photo or video being shared over the group will be received automatically by the Uniper TV into the photo gallery.

Caregiver App

What is the Uniper Caregiver app?

The Uniper Caregiver app is for the professional (providers’ caregivers) or nonprofessional (i.e. family) caregivers. It's free, and available for Apple and Android mobile phones.

If you are a professional caregiver, Uniper caregiver app helps you facilitate your home visits, from registering presence, through submitting home visit reports and up to reviewing care recipients details and status.

If you are family member, Uniper caregiver app helps you to remotely setup new contacts, setup reminders for your loved one that uses Uniper TV.

How do I get the caregiver app?

Uniper Caregiver App is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You will get a notification with username and password credentials once your care recipient got his/her new Uniper TV.

Do I need the caregiver app to make a video call to Uniper TV?

No. Calling Uniper TV is done via whatsapp video calls. No need for Uniper Caregiver App to make a video call to Uniper TV.