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Be Active, Be Engaged, Be Together

Meet uniper

Uniper’s service is available now from any home TV, computer, smartphone or tablet.  In order to join our growing community, just sign up here. In a simple and convenient way, you’ll be able to connect with the growing Uniper social engagement center which offers  live and prerecorded activities, access to healthcare experts, interactive health and wellness programs, and an opportunity to connect with family and friends.

Any community member can host live activities with other members based on common interests and needs -all right from the comfort of home. 

Live & Interactive Daily Activities

With Uniper, you’ll be able to easily attend live and interactive classes and lectures without leaving your living room! We invite you to meet new people, participate in discussions, and study from the best experts and mentors.


Uniper is available as a TV set that includes an easy-to- use remote control with an embedded microphone, small box and camera. The service is also available  via all network devices, including: a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Our content is easily and simply available through any device. Our method is scientifically proven to improve mental well-being, empower our members to stay socially and physically active, create cognitive stimulation, and encourages a healthier lifestyle.

Connecting to Uniper will remind every newcomer the power that a warm and growing community can offer. Each day  is  enriched with daily live and recorded content tailored to each members’ personal interests and hobbies..

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