About Uniper

Uniper is helping older adults lead a healthy, vibrant, and social life — on their own terms. Discover what makes us the best at helping older adults connect to life!

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Our Story

Uniper was built around the most human need: the need to connect with others. After watching their family members become more isolated in their old age, our founders started to build a solution that would let their family stay connected and engaged without having to move into senior care facilities. This collaborative solution became the foundation for Uniper and our vision: using aging in place technology to provide seniors around the world with an active and engaging community in the comfort of their own home.

Today Uniper is trusted and loved by thousands of older adults across the United States, Canada, and Israel. Our technology is easy to use but powerful, connecting members with their loved ones and community directly through their TVs, tablets, mobile devices and the web with the push of a button. We provide tailored experiences to meet the needs of our members, enriching the lives of both our members and their loved ones by providing connection, community, and care through live activities, interactive content, and more. Together, we help people live longer, better, and Connect to Life.

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Our Values

The Values That Shape Everything We Do at Uniper



We believe in the fundamental power of community. An inclusive community is more than the sum of its parts, and together we know we can make the world a better place.

Members First

We believe that when we put our members’ interests and wellbeing first, everything else will follow. Member satisfaction brings meaning to our organization, and provides the driving force for our actions.



We care deeply about members, our clients, and ourselves. We believe that caring for others leads them to care in return, builds mutual trust and respect, and helps us all understand that we are part of something bigger.


Trust allows people to grow together. Trust means we believe the best of each other and those we serve. We treat others with integrity, transparency and open communication.


We are respectful of everyone, always—in how we speak, write, and interact with those around us every day. Being respected by others helps people feel safe, express themselves, listen and feel valued.


Optimize for Impact

We bring our A-game, work hard, work smart, and get the job done. We are committed to bringing a sense of purpose to our work and our life—to creating a meaningful and positive impact on the world around us that inspires others to do the same.

Be Inspired

We listen and we learn, as we share in the lives of others. We see the work, perseverance, and purpose that those around us bring to each day and, in celebration and support, find inspiration to do our best.


Think Big

Uniper is a global company, working together as one unified team. Our promise to each other is that we will think BIG— both systemically and collaboratively—always considering the big picture and how our work can and will impact others beyond our immediate and individual needs.


We commit to being great partners. We are not possessive, instead we are always open and ready to work with others. We believe that by working together we can create the best outcomes for everyone and deliver on the promise of Uniper.