For Caregivers

Give those you care about the independence they need while staying connected.

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Connected to You

Uniper lets you reach past communication barriers to connect with your loved one directly in their home. Our system lets them perform check-ins, explore content, and engage in live activities to enrich their lives while maintaining their independence.

Explore how Uniper lets those you care about
Connect to Life.

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Connected to Their Friends

Many people struggle with the overwhelming variety of communication options in the world today. By providing a centralized system with live activities like classes and peer groups as well as direct calling, Uniper lets your loved one engage with their peers and reach out to their friends, families, and you.

Whether it’s with their loved ones or their doctors, discover how our system allows the people you care about to Connect to Life.

Connected to Their World

Staying engaged and active in the world are key factors in staying healthy. Uniper provides educational classes, museum tours, live activities, and more to let the people you care about explore and interact with the world, all from the comfort of their own homes. 

Learn more about how Uniper opens the door to let your loved ones Connect to Life.