The Uniper Application

Ways to Connect

Whether you join via UniTV, our mobile or tablet apps, or any modern web browser, Uniper is ready to meet you wherever you are, and wherever life's adventures takes you!


UniTV connects easily to your TV and cable box, creating an intuitive, integrated experience from the comfort of your couch.

Tablet & Mobile Apps

Take Uniper with you using your mobile phone or tablet! You can enjoy the features of Uniper around your home or on the go.

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Access Uniper from the convenience of your computer! You can log into Uniper using any modern web browser.


Connect to what matters with Uniper’s comprehensive features!

Live Activities

Our tailored collection of live classes, activities, health recommendations and community events.

On-Demand Video

Learn something new, rewatch a live class, or enjoy a concert. There's something for everyone!

Direct Calls

We make easier than ever to stay connected with friends & family.

Tele-Care Visits

Your doctor is on TV!

Photo Sharing

Put the grandkids up on the big screen! Getting pictures from your family and friends, right on your TV.

Message Board

Get notified about upcoming events, classes, online and offline activities!


Uniper provides a wide range of live activities every day across a wide range of categories.