The UniTV Kit


The UniTV set-top box is available in two distinctive models, designed to ensure you get the best fit for your home. Both boxes include full support for all of Uniper’s core functionality.

If you have a cable box or receiver, the UniTV HD can be seamlessly integrated into your home, allowing you to move effortlessly between Uniper and Live TV, even receiving Uniper notifications and alerts without interrupting your show!

If your TV setup is using a direct CO-AX connection, then the UniTV Direct is specially designed to ensure you get the best connection possible with no interruptions to your TV service and the ability to easily toggle between Uniper and Live TV.


UniTV HD is designed to provide hassle-free integration into home configurations with a cable box or receiver. The sophisticated HDMI-passthrough design enables seamless integration between Uniper and Live TV.

Tech Specs

UniTV Direct

UniTV Direct is tailor-made for those using a direct CO-AX connection to their TV.

Tech Specs

More Ways to Engage

In addition to the TV, you can connect to Uniper through a computer, tablet, or mobile device. No matter how you choose to connect, our devices, apps, and web services are easy to set up, easy to access, and easy to use, making staying engaged and communicating simple, so you can connect to life.

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The Uniper Application

Discover all of the amazing features of Uniper’s member experience. From Live activities to a tailored video library, Uniper provides the features you need so you can experience a world of well being, content, and community from anywhere. All so you can Connect to life.

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