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What Our Members Say

"I want to say that everyone at Uniper, from the technicians to everyone I've spoken to on the phone, is incredibly nice and helpful. I've always had great experiences with you all!"

Uniper member since 2020

"It's been magnificent! I've recommended 2 people and I think one of them called in and is getting it soon. I just love it!"

Uniper member since 2020

"I'm thoroughly thrilled with the service and very impressed. I've referred Uniper to numerous other people and give the service 5 stars. The quality of your service and customer service is exceptionally good. I am very very glad that I tried something new."

Uniper member since 2020

"I've learned so much from the educational channels. I love to travel the world, and I don't like to exercise in front of lots of people, so this is great for me. My doctors have noticed a difference and I walk a mile every morning now. This has given me energy, education and people to talk to, thank you so much."

Uniper member since 2020

“You guys are exceeding all expectations. Being a veteran, it touched a warm spot in my heart."

Uniper member since 2020

“I feel great and it’s because of Uniper and the exercise classes. We’re really like a family, and we care about each other. I have enjoyed it so immensely. I don’t know how I would have managed without it. It’s such an important part of my life- it’s actually changed my life.”

Uniper member since 2020

“I’m all by myself. My wife died last year and there was such a loneliness in my life, until Uniper came along. The more I tried it, the more improvement I saw. We’re like a family. The lonesome spot I had with my wife passing has been filled.”

Uniper member since 2020

“Using Uniper has really helped me open up my boundaries."

Uniper member since 2020

“This is the most fantastic thing for people who are living by themselves.”

Uniper member since 2020

“You’ll meet a lot of folks that become your family and friends on Uniper.”

Uniper member since 2020

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