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Connect to what and who you love, discover new passions, meet new friends, and improve your health; all from the comfort of
the place you call home!

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From the Place You
Call Home

You’ve built a life in your home and filled it with memories. Aging in place doesn’t mean giving up on community, connections, ongoing learning, and improving your health. Uniper can open up your world to a diverse array of live activities, vibrant communities, mental and physical fitness classes and more, all accessible from your TV, tablet, mobile phone, or web browser.

You can broaden your horizons, pursue your passions or discover new ones, all from the place you call home. Let's keep building memories, together.

Discover how Uniper can help you Connect to Life.

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Improving Your Health
and Wellness

Whether you are looking to improve your balance, build your strength, quiet your mind, or just have a good time with friends, Uniper is here to help you put your mental and physical health first. With classes and activities ranging from nutrition to Zumba, meditation to strength training, or yoga to trivia night, Uniper is ready to meet you where you are and help you take control of your health and wellness.

Seated, standing, active or peaceful, discover everything Uniper has to offer to help you improve your health and wellness, and Connect to Life.

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The Doctor is in…
Your Living Room

Doctor’s appointments are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to structure your whole life around them. Uniper takes the stress and hassle out of simple appointments by letting your doctor connect directly to you in the comfort of your own home to answer questions and check in with you about your care.

Uniper keeps you connected to health so you can continue to Connect to Life.