Live Activities

Uniper’s Live Activities allow you to attend wellness lectures, learn about new topics, enjoy music, see your friends, play games, make new connections, share your thoughts and so much more, all from the comfort of home!


Choose from our wide array of classes offered throughout the day to reach your fitness goals!

Peer Groups

Join other Uniper members in lively discussions on varying subjects. From Member Mingle to Current Events, you will find a talk fit for you!

Health & Wellness

Professionals lead classes, lectures, and workshops to support our members as they age in place.


Want to learn more about topics that are relevant to you? Join us as we welcome various professionals to discuss topics from healthy brain exercises to docent led museum tours!


Enjoy monthly cooking demonstrations, as well as programs that help you learn effective strategies for staying active and managing a healthy lifestyle.


Let loose and enjoy fun virtual get-togethers with the Uniper community. Let’s sing, dance, and celebrate!

Want to share your own programs?

Talk to our sales team about how you can distribute your own content via Uniper in order to grow your audience/reach more members and increase your impact.

Video Library

Our on demand content library provides members with access to hundreds of carefully curated videos designed to improve every aspect of their lives. Check out just a few of the amazing content categories currently available below!

Seated and
Standing Exercise

On-Demand Video

Qigong and Tai Chi

Improve Your Balance

Brain and Memory

Mindfulness and Meditation

Nature and The Outdoors

Nutrition Education

Sleep Health

Travel and World Culture

History and Documentaries

Art and Creativity

Classical Music

Music and Concerts

At the Theatre