Haifa University Conducts A Pilot Study Using Uniper-Care’s Technology

The University of Haifa’s department’s of Gerontology study uses Uniper's TV system to engage older adults

Avi Price
July 7, 2018
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The University of Haifa’s department’s of Gerontology, along with the department of Social Welfare & Health Sciences, studied the maintaining of social connections and the increasing of emotional wellbeing, and other social determinants of health, in older adults. Conducted in Partnership with Jewish Family Services Los Angeles and Uniper-Care Technologies, the study used Uniper's TV connected system to engage older adults and connect them to live interactive activities, and direct call to friends and family, while measuring changes in their reported Loneliness, depression, emotional wellbeing and social engagement.  The study found that "…that social connections can be preserved and nourished using technology among the oldest old." and a "…demonstration of higher emotional well-being among users…".

Read the full study here

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