Uniper Launches its Spring Update

Uniper is proud to announce the Spring 2021 release of the Uniper Member Platform!This update springs into 2021 in

Kristen Nappi
May 30, 2021

Spring Forward

Uniper is proud to announce the Spring 2021 release of the Uniper Member Platform!

This update springs into 2021 in a big way, with major updates to our hardware, software, and brand new mobile applications, and it lays the foundation for the amazing updates we have planned for this year and beyond.

New Hardware

Uniper is launching two new UniTV set-top box configurations: UniCast, our new coax-specific STB, along with a major update to UniTV, our industry-leading HDMI-passthrough box. With double the onboard memory, up to 3X faster than our previous model, and an updated OS, these boxes deliver a faster, smoother, more capable, more secure, and more stable system that is ready to provide a superior experience to Uniper members.

New Software

Taking advantage of this new hardware is an all-new cross-platform member application that is being built to deliver a consistent experience to Uniper members across TV, web, and mobile devices. This new software also lays the foundation for the many exciting new features we have planned for 2021 and beyond.

While existing users can continue to use the current platform just like always, new members  will have temporarily simplified the member application in order to deliver the best possible member experience. The current version of our new software is focused on Live Activities and the Video Library. We will be re-introducing personal video calls to the platform in Q3, with support for making and receiving calls directly from the Uniper application! No more need to download a third party app! We will also be adding enhanced support for external (client-managed) Zoom rooms to the system toward the end of Q2, and plan to reach full feature parity with the current platform later this summer, with a slew of exciting new features planned for late 2021 and beyond.

Uniper Everywhere

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of our brand new mobile and tablet member applications for both iOS and Android!

Members can now take Uniper with them on the go, or use whatever device they find most comfortable and convenient. Uniper's new cross-platform system and mobile apps allow you to meet your members where they are! Deliver a great experience anywhere; increase engagement, lower costs, and drive adoption!

Uniper is doing some spring cleaning to prepare for our next big step forward, and we are excited to have you with us on our journey!  

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