Uniper Care Announces New Contract with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Uniper Care announced a new contract with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Avi Price
May 18, 2020

Uniper Care, a telehealth and social engagement company for older adults, announced a new contract with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to deploy telehealth and social engagement services in the VA St. Louis Healthcare System. Uniper Care’s evidence-based service aims to improve Veteran’s physical and emotional well-being.

Preventing declines in Veteran emotional and physical well-being is a high priority for the VA. Social isolation and decreased mobility are both predetermining factors of depression, anxiety, falls and insomnia. VA St. Louis Healthcare System chose a partnership with Uniper to offer accessible virtual connections with other Veterans and VA healthcare staff.

Uniper Care provides an end-to-end-solution that transforms a TV into an interactive platform as well as a cross-platform service that is available on any TV, tablet, mobile device or desktop that provides both telehealth services and remote social engagement to Veterans. The telehealth service empowers at risk, isolated older Veterans to access physical and mental health and wellness care from any device or screen. Uniper Care’s service will provide Veterans with numerous daily live and interactive community activities, recorded health and wellness programs, and enable video calls with loved ones in real-time in order to alleviate loneliness, isolation, stress, and anxiety. Uniper Care’s mission is to treat the “whole person”, with the belief that a healthy person requires to be physically healthy, of course, but also mental and social health and wellness must be optimized to achieve a healthy state.

“Our goal is to enhance the social determinants of health for Veterans by taking a holistic approach to physical health – creating opportunities for constant social interaction and providing remote access to mental health treatment so that Veterans regardless of income or background can thrive at home, happier, healthier and as independent as possible.” says Avi Price, COO of Uniper Care. “We strongly believe in helping our Veterans since the founders of our company are also Veterans and we personally identify with the mission.”

GlobalSTL, BioSTL’s international initiative that recruits high-growth companies from around the world that enrich and expand St. Louis’ innovation economy, has made the partnership between Uniper Care and the VA St. Louis Healthcare System possible.

About Uniper
Uniper is a telehealth and social engagement company that enables seniors to access remote healthcare, preventative care, communicate with family and friends, and participate in live and interactive health & wellness activities and programming to help them thrive from the comfort of their home. Uniper provides a cross -platform service that is accessible via any TV, tablet, mobile device, laptop or desktop that brings doctor visits and social interaction to seniors directly so that they can remain healthy and active in all circumstances. In addition, Uniper provides an end-to-end solution that transforms a TV into an interactive companion for anyone experiencing isolation and loneliness due to medical limitations. To find out more about Uniper, please visit http://www.unipercare.com.

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